3 Matchups to Watch: NDSU

Since writing my initial preview blog for the SDSU vs NDSU game we have learned that Lance Dunn is out.  He is a heck of a player but Bruce Anderson is no slouch either.  He may not be the homerun threat that Dunn is but he is still very good.  Ty Brooks also had a nice run last week against UNI.  We will see how the Bison choose to utilize true freshman Seth Wilson.  It looks like good weather for early November so weather should not be a factor in this game.

3 Matchups to Watch. 
1. Jackrabbit offensive line vs. Bison front 7
The Bison front 7 is very good, as usual.  However, if the Jacks can give Taryn time to see the difference and open a few holes in the run game it should be a good day for the Jackrabbit offense.  The #605Hogs have had a good season so far, other than the UNI game.  If they win this battle I like the Jackrabbit's chances of a victory.

2. Jackrabbit front 7 vs. Bison run game
The Bison will run the ball.  They will likely stick with it throughout the game unless the Jacks build a couple touchdown lead.  Last year they ran it for 4.6 ypc and 5.8 ypc in the two matchups.  The key will be limiting the yardage they get in first and second down.  Force Stick to beat you with his arm on third down.  In the playoffs he was successful with this having a 76.9% conversion rate on 3rd down.  In the regular season the Jacks held them to 53.8% on 3rd down.  

3. Jordan Brown vs. RJ Urzendowski
This matchup may seem weird given the run first nature of the Bison.  But Urzendowski has gutted the Jacks defense with big touchdowns and 3rd down conversions throughout his career as a Bison.  He has a knack for finding the hole in the zone or beating his man to get open and make a play.  I would also expect the Jacks to sell out and stop the Bison run offense.  If this happens Brown may find himself on an island against Urzendowski.  He will be expected to shut him down when this happens. 

Yeah, these are 3 pretty obvious and pretty boring matchups.  However, this game isn't sexy.  Each team knows exactly what the other team wants to do.  It will mainly be about the adjustments each team makes at halftime and how each team responds.  I think we are in for a good game.

Go Jacks!


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